Woguard – Women & Guardianship ready to start

Welcome to “WOGUARD – Women & Guardianship” website, which is the main reference point for updates, reviews and previews about Woguard, the first technical and scientific publication about women working in security fields, such as military, police, private security and so on.

The publication it is not a journal or magazine, but a collection of studies and opinions about women in security professions, created by the cooperation of Friends Of The United Nations Europe ONLUS and WASI Sport ASD; the Woguard’s mission is to promote the United Nations Security Council Resolution n° 1325 through communication and the whole project is addressed to help women victims of violence worldwide through the support for several projects.

We thanks also I.A.W.P. (International Association of Women Police) which is the most important association of police women in the world, for the precious support and the active contribution; thanks to this important cooperation Woguard will be able to present a lot of professional women workin for Police Forces of several Countries worldwide, giving to each reader the unique opportunity to learn more about the life and the work of the most trained women working in security fields.

In addition, Woguard will present to the public also the revolutionary method for personal security called “Hashita Israel CQC”, founded by Master Eli Leffler, one of the most important experst of security around the world; now this method is officially recognized by Israeli Ministry of Defense and is taught to special forces of IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and also to several other corps and division of Israeli security.

The publication will be available only online and will hosts a lot of media contents, such as interactive pages, movies and so on, and there will be the opportunity for each reader to keep contacts with the staff and also to propose new themes or questions to be discussed; Woguard will be available in two languages, italian and english).

The first number of this publication will be online June 20 (italian version) and subsequently June 30 (international version, in english); on this website there will be posted news, reviews, previews and announcements about Woguard’s themes on a regular basis.

We invite all possibly interested people to interact with us by this website and/or by writing to the official website of Woguard – Women & Guardianship publication, at the following address: woguard@fotuneurope.org.


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